Our Mission


Our school now has two sites, Henslow (secondary) and The Evolution school (Primary). The School’s mission to their students is to achieve personal growth through education challenge and teamwork.


The Evolution School offers individually tailored educational programmes to meet each young person’s needs, combining academic study and accreditation; vocational learning; personal skills and outdoor education to suit each student. By doing this the school offers students a nurturing environment in which to grow, learn and develop.


We value academic subjects and vocational learning, alongside the development of personal skills which are vital for successful adult functioning. The school supports learners to develop their personal skills, with sessions aimed specifically at developing emotional literacy, social skills, problem solving and team work. The school offers accreditation from Unit Awards to GCSEs, as well as a range of vocational and experiential learning qualifications. 

Individually Tailored


Student timetables are individually tailored with the lesson being suited to each young person’s needs at any particular time. Programmes are made up of academic lessons, personal skills, outdoor education, vocational qualifications and work experience.


All of our staff are trained in Reflective Therapeutic Intervention to ensure a consistent approach to managing behaviour and this compliments a structured provision along with our high expectations and firm boundaries.


Whilst New Reflexions provides an integrated service of care, education and therapy, the Evolution Centre also accepts students from other care companies, foster placements and from LEA’s.


For more information on our school, you can access their website below.


The Evolution centre.

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